A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality by Clifford A. Pickover – 2007
The Age of Virtuous Machines by J. Storrs “Josh” Hall – 2007
It Takes a Giant Cosmos to Create Life and Mind by James Gardner – 2007
Kinds of Minds by J. Storrs “Josh” Hall – 2007


The Lifeboat Foundation was formed to prevent existential events from happening, as once they occur, humanity may have no possibility to correct the error. Unfortunately governments, and humanity in general, always react AFTER a disaster has happened, and some disasters will leave no survivors so we must react BEFORE they occur. We must be proactive.


Dr. Sherry E. Bell

Sherry E. Bell, Ph.D. is Dean of Psychology at Kepler Space Institute, CEO at Advanced Personality-Based Consulting, and Assistant Secretary at National Space Society.
Sherry is an avid supporter of the Space Settlement Movement. From 2005 to 2009 she served as a Senior Leadership Advisor for the Aerospace Technology Working Group. She has made numerous presentations at the National Space Society’s annual conference, the International Space Development Conference, where she frequently Chairs a Track.
Sherry has published three chapters in space-related books and coedited the book Living in Space: Cultural and social dynamics, opportunities, and challenges in permanent space habitats.
Listen to Sherry on the The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston. Listen to her 2006 appearance as well. Visit herFacebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile.

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